A/C Hose repairs

Replacement A/C Hose line don’t have to be from the Original Manufacturer !

In the past it was difficult to find a supplier capable of doing AC hose repairs but with today’s wide selection of high quality fittings and hose, your replacement could be right here at ATC. The Air Conditioning System provides the desired cabin temperatures to ensure operator comfort. The AC hose is used to effectively transfer both liquid and gas between the components and should be inspected for leaks and repaired or replaced ASAP, to ensure the system continues to performance as expected.

Today many hose sets come with metal tube sections, some of which we offer. If no suitable fitting is available, using hose to replicate the metal tube is the next best thing.
Our experience suggests using Aeroquip hose and E-Z Clip may hold an advantage over crimp fittings for replacing metal tubes. Aeroquip EZ Clip & Hose fitting are a simple option for making or repairing Air Conditioning hose lines on heavy duty trucks, agricultural, construction and other industrial applications. No hydraulic equipment is needed, rather a simple, easy to use Crimping pliers enables quick and easy Ac Hose repairs in the field.
Each Aeroquip fitting 
comes with 2 Clips which slide over the hose and a Cage which locks into the fitting, goes through the cages and is secured with crimper pliers.
AC Hose Repair with Aeroquip EZ Fittings - Clips and Cage - ATC Heavy Duty Parts & SuppliesAC Hose Repair with Aeroquip EZ Fittings - Clips and Cage - ATC Heavy Duty Parts & Supplies
This example shows an OE Hose at the top and using 4 Aeroquip fittings and hose, we can quickly provide a quality solution for your application.
Replacement A/C Hose lines don’t have to be from the Original Manufacturer ! ATC offers AC Hose Repairs with quality fittings and hose. Call us today to see what 55 years of experience can do for you - 1-800-295-4156

The reduced diameter hose enables tighter turns but not right angles, without concern for “kinks” which would compromise the hose and AC system.
AC Hose Repair using Aeroquip EZ Clip Fittings and Hose, is a quick solution for quick turn around needs and mobile technicians. Providing even greater flexibility, when the E-Z Clip fitting is lubricated with a slight amount of refrigerant oil, before it’s inserted into the hose, the direction/index of the fitting can be changed by rotating the fitting in the hose. Once the refrigerant oil used has dried (1-2 hours) the fitting can no longer be turned or re-indexed.

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