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Why do Wintertime PM’s on your AC system

Tech tip courtesy of RedDOT

It’s that time of year again—temperatures are dropping, which means a few extra steps should be taken when servicing the HVAC systems. 
How do you increase defroster performance and visibility for drivers ? Do a wintertime PM on your A/C system!

One of the best ways to improve uptime, reduce maintenance costs and e
nsure your A/C system runs at optimal performance all year, is conducting a complete HVAC inspection before winter. This should include a basic visual check of major A/C components, hose connections, and fittings at regular intervals, like with every engine-oil change. Many A/C components are consumable items. It’s more cost-effective to replace them than to repair them. 

  1. Clean the fresh air filter. In cold weather, fresh air is used to help de-mist the inside of the windscreen. If the fresh air filter is dirty, the fresh air intake will be reduced, making de-misting more difficult. While you’re at it, clean the recirculated air filter to ensure proper total airflow and fresh/recirculated air balance.
  2. Recover and heat refrigerant. When it’s cold outside and you need to recover refrigerant, heat up the receiver drier with a heat gun or hair dryer during the recovery process. Don’t wait until the receiver drier ices up; instead, start applying the heat at the beginning of the recovery process to speed it up and ensure the maximum amount of refrigerant is recovered. You can also use the vehicle’s heater to warm the evaporator by running the heater before starting the refrigerant recovery.
  3. Check the water valve actuation and heater function. If the vehicle has a mode selector, ensure it works and the air can be directed to the desired areas, such as to defrost the windshield. Clear all candy wrappers, soda bottles or other objects off the dash so the defroster can properly direct air to the entire windscreen. 

How to increase defroster performance and visibility for drivers. Do a wintertime PM's on your A/C system.

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